Profhilo Body

From £500


Profhilo is used for boosting and hydrating the skin and can remodel and reshape ageing and sagging tissue.

It is the first injectable of its kind – a stabilised hyaluronic acid (HA) developed to treat skin laxity – or loose skin. The nature of Profhilo makes it very adaptable for treating a range of body areas as well as facial. For example:

  • Loose neck skin with creases

  • Saggy skin around the knees

  • Baggy arms and ‘bingo wings’

  • Ageing hands with papery thin skin showing veins

Profhilo can create a generalised replenishment of volume in order to address loose skin where the tissue has lost elasticity. Profhilo it is quite unlike other products: it is NOT a dermal filler used to create localised volume and is NOT a mesotherapy product designed to tighten and boost the skin, nor it is a skin booster for hydration.


Tighter, firmer skin

More definition where loose skin has been improved

Improvement in lines

More youthful look