Male Injectables

From £160

Five most Popular Treatments For Men

  • Botox for men 

  • From £160

Botox for men, dubbed “brotox” by the media, is particularly popular with guys seeking to address their fine lines following lockdown. It is especially useful when treating men’s number 11 frown lines, between the eyebrows.


Administering botulinum toxin to men differs from treating women as men often require larger amounts to get results. Men tend to have wider, higher and potentially heavier brow areas than women; men’s foreheads also generally slope backwards whilst women’s are more vertically angled. A flatter brow is also more acceptable as a male trait compared to the female expectation of arched brows. This affects the dosage and pattern of "Brotox" in the forehead.

In-depth facial anatomy, as well as toxin dose requirement knowledge, is essential to ensure the best gender appropriate results for our patients hence why Miss Amber Aesthetics is most trusted.

  • Periorbital rejuvenation

  • From £300



Treating the eye area can offer some men a significantly rejuvenated appearance and relieve that “haggard” feeling. There are various options here, from correcting crow’s feet with toxin to adding temple or cheek filler to replace volume loss – a key sign of ageing.

  • Jawline contouring

  • From £400 ml



This treatment involves the use of carefully placed soft tissue dermal filler to create a wider more square jawline. Additionally, strategic placement of chin filler to encourage a square shape can help sculpt an overall lower face look that is both balanced and well-defined. It can also lessen jowls.

Using a cannula rather than a needle for jawline filler can help prevent bruising. However, Miss Amber has mastered both techniques which helps deliver superior results.

  • Mid-face filler treatments

  • From £400 ml


We administer filler to the upper and medial cheek to provide greater definition as well as lift in the under eye area. This mid-face treatment can help men address localised volume loss and correct under eye hollows without the need for tear trough filler.

This is an excellent treatment option for men concerned they are looking tired or sad a common concern our  male clients have. By lifting the injected area, this also offers the patient the extra benefit of reducing nasolabial heaviness. As with many injectables, it is critical to get the dosage, product selection and layer of treatment right here, to prevent the results from looking unnatural. 

  • Filler for lines and folds

  • From £380 



Although Botox and correcting the mid-face may seem the most obvious choices for freshening up a man’s face, using filler to smooth out nasolabial folds and or marionette lines are worthwhile considerations in a holistic and sequential treatment plan.

For men without facial hair that hides these areas, reducing the severity of these lines and folds with filler treatments can have a rejuvenating effect.