What are Chemical Peels?

A chemical peel is a rejuvenating resurfacing solution that is applied to the skin by your medical practitioner and addresses various individual skin concerns. Peels remove dead skins on the outer layers of your skin, clearing away superficial signs of discolouration, damage and fine lines, and promoting new skin growth. There are various options that your practitioner may recommend based on your individual skin. 

  • Medium skin peels target only skin cells from the epidermis and from portions of the upper part of your middle layer of skin (dermis) and are suitable for acne scars, stretch marks, dull skin, large pores, roughness, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

  • Deeper peels are designed to target more stubborn manifestations of acne scarring, wrinkles, pigmentation and poor texture.

How Do Chemical Peels Work?
Most chemicals peels are made of naturally occurring, carefully formulated acids and they are classified by their depth of penetration. The more challenging the skin issue, the more likely your medical practitioner is to recommend a deeper treatment.

Your treatment will peel away the skin’s damaged outer layers and the new cells and collagen are stimulated during the healing process, to producing a smoother, tighter, younger looking skin surface. Each treatment is customised for patient skin type, specific problem areas and the delicate areas of the face. The depth of the peel is dependent on the concentration and type of acid, the duration of the contact and a person’s skin type and sensitivity.

Key Areas for Treatment:

Medium and deeper chemical peels are typically applied to the whole face and neck and can also be placed on the backs of the hands. They are effective in the treatment of:

  • Wrinkles and Lines

  • Acne Scars

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Overlarge pores

  • Sun Damage

  • Uneven Skin Tone



Healing time for chemical face peels varies depending on the individual and the treatment. Typically, you can expect to experience some redness, stinging and flaking of the skin after your treatment.
The skin on your face will flake and peel about two days after your treatment and will continue for roughly a week. Deeper peels will typically take longer to recover from and require greater preparation.


Costs depend on the type of chemical peels your medical practitioner recommends on the day of your appointment.
Generally speaking, costs for peels are £120 - £550 depending on depth and number of areas.
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Appointment Time

It's really important to ensure you're a good candidate for a chemical peel before we get started, so we'll spend some time talking to you beforehand to make sure. Depending on the type of chemical peel your practitioner advises, the application can take between 15 - 30 minutes. 

Refresh Time

Medium depth chemical peels treatments are safe and effective and can be used every 3 - 6 months, depending on your personal skin type. A deep chemical peel lasts much longer, and can be performed annually. Your practitioner will be able to advise how often you might like to leave between treatments in your personalised treatment plan.